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360 Sonar Quick Disconnect Mount

360 Sonar Quick Disconnect Mount

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Be a pro on the water with the extreme efficiency of the 360 Sonar Quick Disconnect Mount. Gain your competitive edge today!

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360 Sonar Quick Disconnect Mount

Whether navigating around stumps, fighting your boat cover, or running in ultra-rough water, keep your 360 transducer safe with our patent-pending 360 Sonar Quick Disconnect Mount.


Our patent pending 360 Sonar Quick Disconnect Mount is made of quality, lightweight materials to ensure it keeps up with the pro fishing angler's lifestyle no matter the situation or conditions.

Cerakote Coating

A specialized ceramic coating finish prevents far more of the standard wear and tear when compared to traditional powder coating. The ceramic coating finish provides abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance that is far superior.

Small Form Factor

Our low-profile 360 Sonar Quick Disconnect Mount allows for safe removal of the 360 sonar unit in seconds and provides a better fit for boat covers. It allows you to safely store and stabilize the 360 sonar and protect your investment.

Lightweight Aluminum

Our sturdy, lightweight aluminum 360 Sonar Quick Disconnect Mount provides the strength to safely support the 360 sonar unit and is extremely lightweight. It minimizes adding unnecessary weight to the trolling motor keeping you fast and efficient.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Our stainless steel hardware securely fastens the 360 sonar mounting bracket. The stainless steel hardware is resistant to corrosion to ensure the stability of the 360 mount.

Neoprene Pads

Our Neoprene rubber pads stabilize and cushion the fish finding 360 sonar unit, while also holding up to the harsh UV rays when exposed to the sun.


Our simple and easy-to-use Quick Disconnect clamps allow for a fast disconnection and reconnection process so you can get back to doing what you do best, finding fish!


Weight: 1.45 LBS
Protective Coating: Cerakote Coating
Material: Lightweight Aluminum
Dimensions: 5 9/16" x 3 1/2" x 4 15/16"
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